About the Censorship wiki


This wiki is a compilation of research initiated by five Media and Communications students from RMIT, Australia.


This wiki will hopefully be useful to content producers wanting to work in the United Arab Emirates, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Indonesia, or the Commonwealth of Australia, and wanting to know about the conditions of censorship in those nations. It will also hopefully be a good place for students conducting research on censorship to begin.


The purpose of the research is:

  • To identify censorship and its regulations along with its effect applied in nominated countries and its relation with political and social aspects.

Where/To What Extent ?

  • The project will investigate the history of censorship in media, focusing in film, journalism and internet in Australasia countries. The nominated countries are: Australia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and China.
  • The project will also investigate the values that censorship has brought into the social culture of the nominated countries
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