About the Censorwiki

What is the Censorwiki?

This wiki is a compilation of research initiated by five Media and Communications students from RMIT, Australia.

The purpose of this research project is to provide insight into the different conditions that instigate the process of censorship. We believe that knowledge of censorship systems and the reasons behind them are crucial to content producers and distributers globally, especially in an age characterised by globalisation.
The research has been collated into this wiki as a collection of resources (both online and offline), and can thus be seen as an introduction to censorship on the four selected nations that form the case studies for this project. It also provides students of Media and Communication studies an entry point to resources relating to censorship.

We have selected the form of a wiki because of its simple layout and ease of access. On top of that, it allows other people to contribute to our research. So if you have anything to add or discuss to this wiki, please contact any of the administrators. Details are available from the site members page.

What is Censorship?

Based on our collective research, we have formed the following definition of censorship:

The filtering information based on the beliefs of particular groups.

We've attempted here to generate the most non-politically biased/aligned definition possible.

Conditions of Censorship

Censorship occurs under a variety of conditions.

  • Protection of the people by governments
  • Protection for corporations from consumers

The varying conditions are demonstrated in the Case Studies listed below.

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